How to make Iced Coffee

As the weather turns warmer, the drinks become cooler. Many people still wish to enjoy their coffee without ingesting hot liquids on a hot day. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to go with the seasonal switch to coffee with ice. Iced coffee can be very refreshing on a warm day.

To put together the perfect iced coffee, first brew your coffee hot. Be certain to use fresh coffee beans and grind them just before use. Brew stronger coffee than usual because after ice is added, the coffee becomes diluted. The strength of the coffee can be affected by the amount of coffee grounds brewed per cup of water. Sugar or powdered creamer can be added while the coffee is hot, if you wish. One will find that these additives dissolve better in the hot liquid, prior to the coffee cooling down. Then, one should dispense the coffee into a carafe. Permit the coffee to cool down for about an hour to room temperature. After this, transfer the coffee carafe to the refrigerator and cool for two hours until the coffee becomes completely chilled. Fill a glass with ice, then pour cooled coffee over the top. Add liquid cream or mild as desired. Blend the contents thoroughly and enjoy.

Blended iced coffee is another hot brewed method of preparation. To do this, place crushed ice in a blender, top with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and cup of milk. Combine contents in a blender until blended thoroughly and no large pieces of ice remain. At this point, measure in a few tablespoons of sugar to taste. Or add flavoring syrups or flavored creamers if you prefer. Continue blending ingredients together.

Cold brewed iced coffee can also be prepared. Iced coffee brewed in this way will have 67% less acidity than hot brewed coffee. This brewing method involves one pound of coarsely ground coffee, and most prefer the taste of a darker, full bodied roast when using this method. Fill a pitcher with nine cups of cold water. Allow this to steep in a cool place for a minimum of twelve hours. Separate coffee grounds from water by scooping them off of the top or placing a coffee filter in a sieve and pouring the liquid through. The remaining mixture is a concentrated coffee. Pour one part of this mixture into a glass with three parts chilled milk or water. Add sugar or desired flavoring.

Now your ice coffee is prepared, and it can be flavored any way. Besides the sugar and cream, an assortment of flavored syrups can be mixed into the coffee. For people who prefer their coffee black, taste different coffee bean varieties to mix it up once in awhile.


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