How to clean Coffee Maker

Cleaning coffee maker is important if you want your machine to produce good coffee with perfect taste.

Coffee is one of the popular beverages that refresh you early in the morning and makes you stay alert as you perform your daily tasks, starting from your work assignments to the household work.

If you consider your coffee machine to be the cheerleader of your home, then it may be easier for you to forget the difficulties that go with its maintenance. The coffee maker is one of the items present in your kitchen that is difficult to clean. Well, it is not too challenging to clean the coffee maker, since some people neglect cleaning thus it becomes difficult for them later on.

You should take time to clean up your coffee maker. It is really simple to clean coffee maker. Here are some steps that will guide you to clean your coffee maker. Since machine is different, so there might be little changes here and there but the basic procedure should not change much. If you are using dispensable filters, then you should get rid of the used coffee filter. First take a coffee pot and this time rather pouring water into the pot like usual, fill 1/4th of the pot with vinegar. Then fill the rest with water.

Now, you need to run your coffee maker. After this is been done, switch off the coffee maker and keep it for 10 to 15 minutes without power on. If you want the maker to cool, then you can repeat the same procedure one more time. After this, again repeat the final step, but this time instead of using vinegar use plain water. Fill the pot or water reservoir by water till top and run it by the coffee maker and again leave the maker off for 10 to 15 minutes.

You can wash the pot as well as the filter basket by yourself. You need to use warm and soapy water. If you want your coffee not to taste like vinegar, then make sure that you must keep rinsing till the time the sign of the vinegar is gone. No one likes to have their early morning coffee with the taste of vinegar. So, all you need is some soap, water and vinegar as well as an hour to bring back your coffee maker to a good shape and perfect to brew.

Drip coffee making machine must be cleaned once in a month. This will make sure that the coffee is not spoiled through unhealthy deposits of hard water plus leftover oils. The cleaning of coffee maker depends on its design and type.

You might face some difficulty in cleaning your coffee maker but if you want a good coffee in morning then you have to clean it at a regular interval. Cleaning coffee maker consistently will surely make your coffee is full of flavor and tastes nice every time.


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